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Welcome to our online shop, we are a local headshop that is based in Beaverton, Oregon and sell high quality affordable glass pipes, glass smoking bowls, hand blown glass pipes, water pipes, scientific glass and color changing glass pipes all made in America. We offer hassle free returns, discreet shipping, damage free guarantee to ensure you get the glass you ordered and even free gift offers! We are a family owned and operated business; that was created with the goal to offer a great selection of unique quality handmade glass products from local artists all over the US. We strive to provide excellent customer service, please contact us. We live and play in this industry and love testing the products we sell to ensure they are the best on the market!

What we Offer

We offer a large selection from some of the top brands in the industry like ZOB, HVY Glass, Bent Glass Works, Chameleon Glass, Black Market Glass and Grav Labs just to name a few. From low priced hand pipes to high end scientific glass, we offer up a great selection sure to match you up with the perfect functional glass art you have been seeking! We also stock a growing variety of vapes. Brands like NO2, Phantom, Amos, Pulzar and more. We also have you covered for concentrates from curves, domes, Ti Nails, dabbers and dishes to a big selection of Concentrate Vapor Rigs. We now stock great lifestyle products like hat pins, pendants or even some slaps. No matter your needs, Brothers with Glass is here to hook you up.