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Empire Tubes 18mm Showerhead Ash Catcher 45 Degree SYN Oil Man Label Concentrate Ash Catche Silika Glass 18mm Showerhead Ash Catcher - 45 Degree
Empire Tubes 18mm Showerhead Ash Catcher 45 Degree - Black and White
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Silika Glass 14mm Showerhead Water Pipe Ash Catcher Dynomite Glass 14mm 45 Degree Diffused Ash Catcher

Ash Catchers - Keeping Your Smoke Clean

No one likes the daunting task of cleaning water pipes that have become clogged with ash. Particles of ash can become lodged in concentration pipes, seriously affecting the overall quality of your smoking experience. Ash buildup can be difficult to remove and may require specialty cleaners. An ash catcher is specifically designed as an extra filter for water pipes. These accessories nestle into the down stem, preventing ash from entering the body of the pipe. The catchers can be emptied and cleaned frequently. They generally feature wide bodies to prevent clogging that is difficult to clear. Using an ash catcher can also help cut down on the frequency of pipe cleaning.

It is particularly important to use an ash catcher with percolated down stems. Due to their unique perforated design, such down stems can easily become clogged by ash. This can throw off the whole smoking experience, leading to complete blockage of the pipe's chamber. No one likes ending up with a mouth of dirty water after forcefully sucking debris out of a clogged down stem. Blocking ash from entering the down stem is the best way to prevent this nasty experience.

Many ash catchers use glass-on-glass fittings. These fittings ensure a strong, air-proof seal between the catcher and down stem of the bubblers. They prevent smoke from escaping. Using such glass-on-glass accessories can enhance the smoothness of each and every smoking session. The downward slant of the catcher allows smoke to flow freely. Remember that keeping smoking accessories ash-free is the best way to ensure a clean and fresh taste every time you smoke.