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Stash jars give you the chance to make a statement about your smoking style. Funny, beautiful, inconspicuous or whatever your need for storing your swag, find a stash jar that boasts your personal style. Some people choose something sleek and indistinguishable while others flaunt their stash and their habit. For different situations, some people have different stash containers for variety and convenience.
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420 Science Burn Trees Smokey Bear Stash Jar - Medium 420 Science 1-Up Mushroom Stash Jar - Small 420 Science Sugar Trooper Stash Jar - Small
Cali Jars Grande Happiness Pop Top 420 Science Burn Trees Smokey Bear Stash Jar - Large 420 Science Leaf Eye Stash Jar - Small
Cali Jars Lion of Zion Pop Top - Grande
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420 Science Leaf Eye Stash Jar - Small
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420 Science Medical Leaf Stash Jar - Small 420 Science Evergreen State Stash Jar - Small

If you want something that won't be noticed out in public, look for something small and unmarked. You can even find stash jars specifically designed to look like a lighter, pack of cigarettes or ballpoint pen. This makes it easy to be subtle when the situation calls for just that. With this type of stash jar, it is easy to bring your goods with you wherever you go without having to worry. For more casual settings, clear stash jars show off the contents while a screw on lid will help keep the goods from going stale. Depending on your style and personality, you can choose what image or words you want decorating your stash jar. Keep it simple with a green leaf silhouette or get political with a big, bold statement. It's up to you. If you have a large amount to stash, you can find bigger but equally inconspicuous containers as needed. For instance, a simple tin container looks more like packaging for fancy tea than a stash jar. Of course, you can also find big containers that are far from inconspicuous if that is not a concern. Having stashing options for public and private, casual and formal occasions is helpful. Having an air tight stash jar will help you maintain the freshest herb for your smokes. If you are particularly worried about keeping your stash fresh, make sure you get a container with a lid that fastens securely. You might also find that the material of your stash jar affects the taste and quality of the contents. Glass is the best way to go to make sure nothing of the stash box rubs off on the goods. Most people who smoke have more than one stash jar. Different situations call for different ways of transporting and presenting your green companion.