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Borosilicate glass has been the standard of scientific glass since it was created by Otto Schott due to it’s strength and temperature resistance. It only makes sense that it is the choice for the smoker’s arsenal as well. Many techniques used in the creation of laboratory glassware creation - such as a lathe - are commonly used to create water pipes. Scientific water pipes often elicit a “how the heck do you use that thing?” reaction from new smokers. That’s just because they usually have complicated looking percolators. Sometimes more than one! If you want a tube that would look at home in a laboratory, browse our selection of scientific water pipes!
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Silika 12 Inch Mini Beaker Water Pipe C2 Custom Creations 65mm Ratchet Bubbler Water Pipe GRAV Labs Nano Micro Flare Base Black Bent Neck Water Pipe
Silika 12 Inch Mini Beaker Water Pipe
List Price: $99.95
Our Price: $84.95
Save $15.00!
In Stock
C2 Custom Creations Mini Cerc Perc Ratchet Water Pipe Treehouse Glass Shower to Disc Bubbler Water Pipe Bent Glassworks B5 Atomic Perc 17 In Water Pipe
Treehouse Glass Shower to Disc Bubbler
Our Price: $199.99
In Stock
C2 Custom Creations Stemless Triple Showerhead Bent Neck Zob Glass UFO Beaker Water Pipe C2 Custom Creations 16 In Natural Stemless Straight Water Pipe
C2 Custom Creations Stemless Triple Showerhead Bent Neck
Our Price: $220.00
Sale Price: $205.00
Save $15.00!
In Stock
Zob Glass UFO Beaker Water Pipe
Our Price: $250.00
In Stock
C2 Custom Creations 16 in Curve Natural Stemless Water Pipe HVY Glass 14 in  Beaker 4 Tree Arm Water Pipe GRAV Labs X Cut 32mm Glass Bubbler - Red Logo
HVY Glass 10 In UFO double Perc Water Pipe C2 Custom Creations Internal Recycler Water Pipe HVY Glass Stemless Showerhead Mini Bubbler
Convenience is just as important as quality, and we’ve been able to combine the two for enhancing the full-blown experience. From hand-held pocket models to coffee table bubblers, a tremendous amount of artistry goes into each individual piece, not to mention the precision craftsmanship designed to make each and every blast as fresh as the first one.

Not only is our pipe selection one of the most expansive in the Pacific Northwest, we also carry hand-held and table top vaporizers, grinders for mixing and matching, and accessories that can turn memorable moments into unforgettable ones.

We stand by our own strict policies to ensure the happiness of our customers, and we also work closely with an elite team of glass blowers who know everything there is to know about the construction of scientific glass pipes. Their knowledge and expertise in the field goes above and beyond minimum standards, which is how we’re able to pass on quality pieces at more than competitive prices. Seeing as how Brothers with Glass is family owned and operated, we add a personal touch that goes unmatched. Whether making an online purchase or placing a phone order, our family is taking care all aspects of the business.

We’re also proud to announce that our “deal of the day” specials are getting rave reviews from all over, and our giveaways consist of items that people actually use: pipes, vapes, backpacks, and other stuff that comes in handy in a pinch.

For the last two years we’ve been dedicated to satisfying our customer base by distributing our scientific glass pipes in a discrete manner. All information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

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