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Silika Glass

Silika Glass is an established American water pipe company based in Califorina offering a big selection of glass pipes to the smoking community. Brothers with Glass offers a full line of Silika glass for sale from their low cost bubblers to there heady concentrate rigs.

Silika Glass

Silika Glass was started several years ago amongst friends who shared the same vision and passion for glass and set out to provide quality and style took the most importance! They started out small in the San Fernando Valley area, developing their glass style and rounding out the well groomed line up you see today on Brothers with Glass. They have grown their selection to include many options for a varying way to smoke and do a great job staying up with current trends and helping create new styles bot artistic and functional.

Made in America they have artist like Ice Man, Auggy, Nerve and Big Herb to name a few. Silika offers a nice selection of clear glass with innovative percs and clean welds. We offer a large selection of there glass starting from the small micro bubbler's to the larger worked inline's. We also stock plenty of different dome set up's for your concentrate needs. The Silika ash catchers we currently stock are available in a few different styles all with great peculation options.

The low cost line of Silika Glass bubblers have been a very popular item for this brand offering a nice little water pipe starting at only forty dollars. One nice thing that Silika has done is add a two slide options to each pipe. With concentrates on the rise in popularity its nice to see brands this offer up both an option for herb or concentration.