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Water Pipes

Welcome to the Water Pipes section! In here you'll find all sorts of wonderful glass that is intended to be used with water inside. From hammer style hand bubblers to giant tubes with multiple diffusers, we have a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any smoker. Use the options above to refine your search parameters and find the perfect glass water pipe for you!

All pipes in this category feature a female joint. If you're looking for a pipe with a male joint, check out our awesome and ever-growing selection of concentrate pipes.

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14mm Black Bowl With Marbles Glass Slide 18mm Fumed Bowl With Marbles Glass Slide
14mm Black Bowl With Marbles Glass Slide
Our Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $9.99
Save $3.96!
In Stock
18mm Fumed Bowl With Marbles Glass Slide
Our Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $9.99
Save $3.96!
In Stock


We’re not gonna lie to ya, unless you are familiar with at least a few different glass artists, the next page might be a bit daunting. But fear not! You can still find what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re here because you know that we only stock glass from creators who focus on quality. In that case you will probably recognize a lot of the water pipe artist and brands that we carry. We stock glass from all over America made by well known brands like HVY Glass, Chameleon Glass, Black Market Glass, Bent Glassworks, and Grav Labs just to name a few. We also stock popular artists such as Treehouse Glass, C2 Custom Creations and Greenlite Glass in our ever growing group of talented glass artists. Well, what are you waiting for? Start exploring and maybe you’ll find a new favorite artist to rep!

Water Pipe Bongs


Dude, there’s a ton of water pipe styles out there. We've categorized them in a way that makes sense. But even if you don’t know what a “ spubbler" is, we’re here to help enlighten you. Maybe you just want a beaker bottom, straight tube or even a double bubble bottom (say that five times fast!). Maybe you just broke your downstem and vowed to never have a removable one again and want a new Scientific Perc. Or maybe you really like water pipes with a bent neck. Whatever your style, we have a high quality water pipe that will take you where you want to go.


Maybe you’ve got an awesome cabinet that your new tube just HAS to fit into. Or maybe you just know that a water pipe that is taller than twenty inches can be a bit intimidating. What about something small and easy to pack away for a trip to your favorite smoke spot? If you've got a height requirement, we’ve got you covered. Shop by height to find the piece that will hit all the right spots!

Artist Location

Portland, Oregon is the epicenter of shopping locally. And since we are from Portland we like to promote keeping your money local! We are also a small business that likes to support other small businesses. Shopping local is more than a trend, it’s great to support your local economy! Plus, it’s pretty cool to see where the glass is turned into a functional work of art. If you’re passionate about shopping local or you just didn’t know that there are some awesome artists operating out of states like Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona to name a few of the less popular glass blowing states!


You’ve got the cash, we’ve got the glass. If you know exactly how much you’re looking to spend to find that rad new piece then this is the section for you. Shopping by price will let you narrow down the water pipes that fit in your price range so you can find the right one even if you don’t know what style, diffuser, or even size that you’re looking for. This section also works great for those who have a gift certificate to cash in case you have an awesome buddy who bought you a BWG Gift Certificate! Or better yet maybe you only need to spend a few more dollars to get a better free glass pipe!

Joint Size

What do you do when you have an armada of glass slides that are only one size, then your favorite piece breaks? You go looking for a new tube that has the same size joint, of course! Here at Brothers With Glass we make it easy to find a water pipe that will match all of your other accessories. Some smokers really prefer the airflow of the 18mm size while others prefer the more compact size of the 14mm joint. So if you need a specific size joint to fit your heady ashcatcher or other accessory then we have what you need!

Percolater / Diffuser

Bubbles are important. That’s why we have organized our water pipes by diffuser type so that you can find the perc with the right balance of bubbles and diffusion. So whether you like a bit of chug and dig that natural perc design that is a breeze to keep clean or you like the famous showerhead perc design made famous by SYN glass. No matter your smoking preference we’ve got the tube for you! We have a wide variety of different diffusers and percolators so start exploring to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Have a color preference? Looking for the perfect pipe but it just HAS to have orange accents? OK - maybe it’s gotta be green. Whatever color you’re looking for, Brothers With Glass has you covered! There’s a ton of different colors of borosilicate glass so we have organized them by primary color they are closest to. So whether you’re tired of all clear glass, have accessories your new water pipe has to match, or just really like a certain color, we have made it easy to find!