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Water Pipes. Bubblers, Beakers, Straight Tubes, and more!

Welcome to the Water Pipes section! In here you'll find all sorts of wonderful glass that is intended to be used with water inside. From hammer style hand bubblers to giant tubes with multiple diffusers, we have a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any smoker. Use the options above to refine your search parameters and find the perfect glass water pipe for you!

All pipes in this category feature a female joint. If you're looking for a pipe with a male joint, check out our awesome and ever-growing selection of Dab Rigs.

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Empire Glassworks Flagship Honey Beehive Disc Water Pipe Empire Glassworks Dichro Rocket In Space Water Pipe HVY Glass Lamp Style Color Wrap Showerhead Water Pipe
HVY Glass Showerhead Beaker Color Wrap Water Pipe - Ruby HVY Glass 10 In Bubble Fumed Bent Neck Water Pipe HVY Glass Showerhead Bent Neck Water Pipe
HVY Glass 16 In Stemless Disc to UFO Perc Water Pipe HVY Glass Natural to UFO Perc with Splash Guard Water Pipe HVY Glass Showerhead Beaker Clear Water Pipe
HVY Glass 16 In Stemless Disc to UFO Perc Water Pipe
Our Price: $450.00
710 Sale Price: $425.00
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HVY Glass Showerhead Beaker Fumed Water Pipe HVY Glass Clear 10 Inch Straight 9mm Water Pipe HVY Glass Worked Ruby Red and White Waves Beaker
HVY Glass 10 In Color Wrap Beaker 9mm- Green HVY Glass 50mm Large Joint and Wide Mouth Beaker - Blue HVY Glass 10 In Mini Beaker 9mm Water Pipe
Brothers with Glass is always trying to find new glass that is made in America and both affordable and functions as its supposed to. We love to photo all the bongs and dab rigs we add to the site so we have added a small collection of photos to this section. Many of the pipes shown below are available on our online headshop! Though some of the awesome heady pipes are gone to a new home. Be sure to check back often to scope out some of our favorite new pictures of all the quality American made Glass we offer.

Below are two brands of glass that are made in the same location! HVY glass and Mathematix Glass. While HVY got its start in Oregon its now based in California and is part of the HVY, ZOB and Mathematix family. Brothers with Glass has been selling HVY Glass online for about 5 years now and they have one of the best line ups in the business and we are proud to offer the largest selection of HVY Glass. We also have a growing and soon to be the largest selection of glass from Mathematix. They offer a new line of products backed by the skill and knowledge of HVY and ZOB.

HVY Glass Bongs and Dab Rigs Mathematix Bongs and Dab Rigs

Chameleon Glass and Realazation Glass are two house hold names at BWG. We have been selling their glass since we opened our doors back in 2010. Chameleon Glass is made in Arizona and boast one of the oldest names in glass, certainly in hand pipes with their company dating back to the 90s. We have the largest selection of Chameleon Glass online and highly recommend any glass offered from them. One of the most popular models we sell are the spill proof spubblers or chubblers we have them in colors and models not available anywhere else! Realazation Glass has been a part of BWG from the start, they are a small group of artist that offer a wide range of products from stylish daily drivers to one of a kind heady pipes. Gabe has been blowing glass for many years and created the Dabman rigs and was a part of the Dabuccino group.

Chameleon Glass Bongs and Dab Rigs Realazation Glass Bongs and Dab Rigs